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The International Palestinian Conference for Media and Communications is a coordinative group connecting various media organisations that are supportive approach of national Palestinian rights and works towards supporting the Palestinian cause through the media. This is done by providing distinguished coverage of Palestine and the developments of the conflict with the Israeli occupation. The International Palestinian Conference for Media and Communications also works towards carrying out a variety of media campaigns and media productions.

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International Palestine Conference comes to a close Friday, 25 April 2014

The conference was held to address the growing need to find a framework for joint communication, coordination and interaction between media outlets in order to better serve the Palestinian cause. There is an increasing necessity to face the attempts to weaken the cause and isolate it from its Arab and Islamic depth as well as its humanitarian dimension and exclude it from the media attention. The Palestinian cause is about history, identity and civilisation, its political essence is linked to the presence of the Israeli occupation in the Palestinian territories and the resulting economic, cultural, and economic consequences. The Palestinian people have struggled for many decades for their right to freedom, dignity and the elimination of the occupation by all means of resistance, and throughout their struggle, they have withstood injustice and oppression for the sake of liberation, independence and the right of return. This makes the Palestinian cause the most just, political and humanitarian cause, and it deserves the support and assistance of the free and honourable people of the world, especially from journalists, media personalities and leaders of public opinion. The International Palestine Conference on media and communications was held in Istanbul on April 23-24, 2014 with over 400 international media personalities and organisations in attendance.The conferenceemphasised the importance of the Palestinian cause, its presence in the media and the sense of creativity in various media engendered internationally and throughout the Arab nations. The conference aimed to build a new and effective media projects and strategies serving the Palestinian cause. During seminars, workshops and training sessions at the conference, attendees deliberated different aspects of media work that serves the Palestinian cause and researched ways to develop and enhance cooperation between organisations. The conference organisers hope that this will be the first of many such events. The conference recommendations and projects are as follows: More


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